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Coaching is something I have been doing in some form or another for many years, only I didn't realise it at the time.  I have always been a sounding board for friends, family and even complete strangers would tell me their life stories without much prompting.  So, here I find myself many years later having finally 'figured out' my purpose in this lifetime.


I have always been passionate about making a difference in the lives of others.  I feel so incredibly fortunate that this is what I get to do for you and others.  Being afforded the opportunity to work so closely with others to bring about positive and lasting changes in their lives is truly a gift.  Changes that not only impact their lives but the lives of their families and loved ones. 

It is only through shining our own light that we are able to illuminate the lives of others and afford them the opportunity to shine brighter than they could possibly imagine.

My one care in this world is to do my part in leaving this world in a better state for my children and the generations to come.  I believe that by helping and supporting each other to rise up we are all better equipped to make the changes that are so necessary.


Typically, on these pages you will read about the trauma and heartache that has been experienced or what exactly got me here today BUT I choose not to place too much emphasis on that.  What does it serve other than to feed a story of pain?  Yes I have experienced pain and trauma…sometimes more than I believed I could bare.  I have been there and done that, if you can think of it…there is every chance I have experienced it.  I have lived an incredibly colourful life, filled with the highest of highs and the lowest of lows.  Life is full of challenges and testing moments that you feel you are never going to overcome, but I am here before you today to attest to the fact that Yes, you fucking can!

You have more strength within you than you realise, you can and will not only overcome what is thrown at you, but you will move beyond the pain and find appreciation for the lessons that have come from whatever those lessons may be.

Allow me to be the safe space that you come to when you are broken and feel you cannot go on.  Allow me to support you to move through and beyond the pain and trauma you have experienced.  I know how difficult it is to take that first step, I will never pretend it is an easy feat…I will never promise you that.  I will promise you that it will be worth every tear you shed and every breakdown where you feel you cannot continue.  It will be worth it because you will wake up one morning and you will physically feel the weight lifted from the burdens you have been carrying for way too long.  The weight is too much to continue to carry, it is time you make the conscious decision to leave it behind with grace and gratitude.

It is time for you to release those old belief systems, perceptions and behavioural patterns that are clearly not serving you in this life.


I want you to sit for a moment and go back to the time where you had amazing dreams for yourself…do you remember that time?  What life did you envisage for yourself?  Close your eyes and go there, forget for the moment where you are now…go to that place where all dreams are possible.  Sit in that space for a moment; what does it feel like? where can you feel it? Pay attention to the feelings in your heart…tune into the joy you feel, do you feel the hope and belief that anything is possible?


It’s okay if you don’t just yet, try this out for a few days…continue to go to this space until you can feel it in your every being…continue to go there until you feel that joy and hope for what is to come.


When you can feel it, come back to this safe space, come back to love and allow me to gift you with the tools and skills to make that dream a reality.


You are more powerful and beautiful and loved than you are able to see right now, I see all of this in you…allow me to be the mirror to your soul.


Bianca x

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“You may not control all the events that happen to you, but you can decide not to be reduced by them.”


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