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Corporate Offerings

At Blu Rayne we understand the needs of your Business are ever changing. As you grow and expand, you find the needs of your team evolving, requiring a new level of attention and care from you.

This is where we come in.  We draw on our incredibly colourful and extensive experience within the Corporate Sector to create and design the most spectacular training packages and workshops specifically tailored to meet the needs of your Business.  What is unique and special about you and your Business is what will form the heart and soul of our offerings.

Take the time to enjoy exploring our Offerings. 

Please contact us to have a confidential chat about how we can best support you in shifting the Health and Wellbeing of your team to the next level.

Become a Leader in Your Industry

Become an Employer of Choice


Personal Integrity Workshop

Is it time for a reset?  Is it time to wipe the slate clean and move forward with a common understanding and re-commitment to Company Values and Goals.

This training is the perfect opportunity to bring your team back to square one; what are the pillars that form the foundation of your Business, what are the values, behaviours and principles you hold yourselves to, what does Personal Integrity look and feel like?

Are you ready to get your people on the same page, moving in the same direction?  Acting from a space of; truth, understanding and accountability.

Experience cohesion within the workplace. 


Permission to Thrive

Have you reached a lull in productivity and drive.  Do you look around and witness the absence of passion and excitement?

How do you as an Employer help your team to acquire something that can only be derived from within?

This Workshop will provide your teams with the time and space to reconnect with their dreams and desires.  Reigniting the flame of passion and what it means to be excited about life once more.

Gift your staff with the tools and skills to better their lives, not only in the corporate space but more importantly in their personal lives.

Reinforcing behaviours and values that are integral to success in the workplace.


Lead From Within

Take your Leadership and Executive Teams through this intensive Workshop.

How do you get the very best out of your Leadership team?

What are their greatest challenges?

What are the barriers to taking things to the next level; individually and collectively?

Create a bond through the commitment to best practices moving forward.

A Great Leader is required to Lead by example; to display those behaviours and values expected of staff. 

Where is your team dropping the ball and how do you Lead From Within?


Lunchtime Meditations

The perfect zen moment to restore balance before you slide back into your day. Enjoy the presence and heightened awareness these sessions provide. Develop and deepen your meditation practice.

Get in touch for team and group sessions.

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