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Blu Rayne is based on the philosophy that we are the Creators of our reality.  That all we experience is in direct correlation to the energy we put out into the world.

This is based on the understanding that all of the pain, trauma, joy, elation...every emotion we experience has a direct impact on the experience we have in this world.  Our current Reality.


Based on this idea, it stands to reason that the Generational Trauma we carry within our very beings has some impact on how we experience the world.  The lens through which we view the world becomes our frame and viewpoint for each and every experience and situation we encounter.

We carry within us the trauma, pain, heartache and every joy of our ancestors.  It is written within our DNA.

This highlights the importance of healing the past generational trauma, not only for the benefit of our experiences as we walk through this life but more importantly for the peace of the generations to come.

At Blu Rayne we teach you how to create peace around the pain and trauma you have been burdened with up until this point.  We equip you with the skills and tools to be able to come back into alignment with your soul. Thereby discovering your highest purpose for this life in order to attain your greatest goals, hopes and dreams.  


To stir that desire within you to live your best life. A life lived from a place of conscious thought, turning off auto pilot once and for all, taking back control of your life.

Finally having the courage to release the burdens of your past.

Breaking The Cycle of Generational Trauma and Abuse begins with You!


Keynote Speaker

Workshops and Programs

Live your Life from a place of Consciousness...

Release your Past...

Step into your Power...

Live your Purpose...

Aligning Mind, Body & Spirit

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Hair Model


Life is hectic, find peace by coming back to conscious living, developing an awareness in each waking moment of your daily life. One that will create the mental peace and clarity you so desperately crave. 

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Male Ballet Dancer


Do you feel as though you are dragging yourself though your daily life? Have you lost the bounce in your step? Come back into alignment and make conscious decisions about what is best for your body, free of the struggle.

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Cherry Blossoms


As kids we all had that gleam in our eyes, have you forgotten what makes your heart sing? What makes you happy, where your passion lies? Reconnect with your essence and watch the magic happen.

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Bianca has been such a beautiful person to be with. She made me feel so at ease and comfortable...She was so gentle in her approach that I never felt uncomfortable or forced to share anything. The sessions flowed so organically and natural. Bianca helped me shed some light on certain things that I was going through personally and allowed me to break some of those barriers down so that I was able to let go of a lot of negative emotions...I couldn't recommend Bianca enough!


I didn't know what to expect going into the session with Bianca - as I've had so many different kinds of experiences with energy healing work.  After my experience with Bianca, I have to say that it was by far one of the best Reiki/Energy Healing experiences I've had to date.  The time and effort she puts into the session is unlike anyone I've experienced before, and she genuinely cares! I highly recommend her.


Today I had the privilege to experience the most Aahhh-mazing REIKI session with...gorgeous Bianca...Bianca facilitated a powerful, spiritually enriching session.  Being in the presence of such a beautiful soul was so inspiring.  She has an incredible loving energy and her wisdom is out of this world.  I left from being in her company feeling so loved and so much lighter.  I thoroughly recommend you see her...

Sphere on Spiral Stairs

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“Happiness, not in another place but this place, not for another hour but this hour”



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