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The DEEP Seat Package

Assimilating Your Timelines and Fractured Aspects of Self

  • 3 hours
  • 777 Australian dollars
  • Online

Service Description

You are well on your way with your healing journey, you have learned to walk through life in a space of peace and conscious awareness. You are accountable for your triggers and do the required work in order to heal those fractured aspects of self. The final piece you require on your journey is to integrate those aspects of self that have been fractured due to past trauma and abuse. This healing was gifted to me to bring out into the world, to provide healing for you and the generations to follow in your lineage. This healing is for those who are committed to this path of recovery and integration. If you are ready to call back all of those fractured aspects of self that you have left behind along the way, the time is now to become whole once more. If you have stumbled upon this offer, know that the time is right for you to take this final step. Integrating those parts of you that have been denied will allow you to set forth and create the life of your desires. During these sessions I tune into your physical and energetic bodies, tapping into the reasons and causes for any disease and illness within your body. I tune into the subtleties around the stories that have caused you to fall out of alignment and balance, which is where disease and illness begins. By intuitively feeling into your body, I receive messages and feelings within my body that alert me to what has occurred and what needs to happen in order to allow healing and balance to be restored to the body once more. During this healing we will go in and reset your physical, mental and emotional systems, thus creating a clean slate from which you can begin to take back control of your health and wellbeing. Please note that this work is incredibly powerful and will require commitment and dedication to self in order to obtain optimal health and wellbeing. You simply must be ready to change your life, this includes implementing the changes required in order to receive the benefit of this healing as well as to ensure there is no recurrence of ill health or the replaying of old stories. INTEGRATIVE HEALING PACKAGE INCLUDES: * 30min initial consult - Zoom * 30min Video recording of Channelled Guidance * Online Integrative Healing Session - Zoom * 60min Follow up Consult - Zoom These sessions are carried out remotely. Link to Zoom sessions will be emailed upon booking. Video Recording will be made available within 72 hours of initial consult.

Cancellation Policy

To cancel or reschedule, please email us directly at Written confirmation must be received. Please note that cancellation must be made 48 hours prior to booked session in order to receive a full refund. Cancellation fee of $100 applies if cancellation is received within the 48 hour period.

Contact Details

Melbourne VIC, Australia

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