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Sphere on Spiral Stairs


"I had the pleasure of having Bianca do a reading for me recently. I was curious about some signs I was getting from the spiritual world. I didn't know how to interpret them. I had also been experiencing some inner turmoil - I wasn't sure why I was feeling the way I was. I had been feeling unsettled and didn't know why it was I felt so. As a coach / lightworker, I have always been able to tap into my intuition to guide me, but in this case I was really unable to get the kind of information I needed to feel centered and to get the answers I sought. 


Bianca was able to really tap into my energy and give me a reading that blew me away! As I watched her pull cards and interpret the signs and signals, while also reading my own energy, I found myself moving through so many emotions. Bianca was able to make sense of where I was at and more importantly, what possibilities lay ahead for me. She really put into words what I was feeling and why I was feeling those emotions. She guided me with loving kindness, encouragement and the inner knowing that everything is divinely ordered. It gave me what I was looking for and WAY more. Her reading has sat with me since I received it and I know that I will be making the changes needed to move me forward. I have felt a lot lighter and more focused since having that reading. 


I would recommend anyone who is questioning their place, their path and their purpose to see Bianca and have her do a reading. It has been a blessing for me."


I was lucky enough to receive a beautiful 'Love Reading' from Bianca.  I didn't tell her one thing about me, but she totally nailed exactly where I am at - in fact past present and near future.  It was a pleasure to listen to as she has such a lovely angelic voice and was very generous with how much information she gave.  She said things that made me emotional which is always a sign that someone has got to the heart of the matter and touched on a deep truth.  I have already recommended her to friends.  Thank you Bianca, the reading left me feeling warm and joyful.  


Thank you so much for reading for me.  Your accuracy to describe my personality and my current reality was perfect.  Thank you for providing insights and guidance relevant to my experiences.  I look forward to another session with you in the future.


Hi lovely, you did a reading for me last year in September and I just wanted to say that you were spot on.  It didn't make sense then but it all makes sense now.  Thank you and you are truly blessed. xx


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